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End Your 

Documentation Nightmare

Alex leverages human + machine intelligence in automating all the data entry and paperwork involved in global supply chains. 

Trusted By Leading Supply Chain Organisations

Spearheading digital transformation, with the industry leaders. With Alex, they are on the journey of reducing time spent on low-value tasks and errors in various supply chain functions.


AI For Freight Forwarding

Extract structured data from your customer’s documents and generate the bill of ladings, airway bills, security declarations… automatically within minutes.

AI  For Customs Clearing & Compliance

Extract structured data from invoices, packing lists… and generate full export and import customs & compliance documents like bill of entry, shipping bill… within minutes.

Embed Alex in Your Software

Easily integrate Alex with your software and eliminate manual document processing and data entry. Stay ahead of your competition. And say hello to new revenue.

Faster Accounts Reconciliation

Tally discrepancies between recorded estimates and supplier invoices received, within minutes.


How Alex Works?

Unlike OCR/text mining, our deep learning models replicate the care and attention of a human being with domain expertise. Extract structured knowledge from an unlimited number of documents, in any format, and instantly expand your compliance and documentation team's capabilities fivefold.


Receive Documents

Alex receives documents over emails, manual uploads or APIs. Post processing, Alex places them in the relevant job queues like Air Export Jobs or Ocean Export Jobs or Carrier Invoice Jobs and so on...  


Identification & Extraction

Alex classifies different types of documents in the received files with an accuracy of 90%. Alex identifies docs like Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Letter of Instruction, Bill of Lading, Air Way Bill and flags any missing documents or duplicates...and subsequently extracts data based on pre-trained schemes with an accuracy of about 80%.


Human Review

Alex waits for a human operator to review the classified documents and extracted data. The human feedback captured via super easy to use verification interface, helps Alex self-improve, self-learn. 


Export Data

Alex can seamlessly integrate with your ERP system, documentation suite or accounting system via REST or SOAP APIs. Optionally you can even download the extracted data in CSV/Excel formats.


Why Choose Alex?

Actual Intelligence

Alex is trained with rewards and penalties, very similar to how the human brain learns. The knowledge gained by Alex ain’t artificial, rather each transaction teaches Alex to unlearn and relearn

Consumable Data

Alex is way beyond OCR; not only does it understand shipping and trade information from a page, but also takes into account all fields that are written on other pages of the document set too.

Increased Productivity

Alex provides an unrivaled interface to reduce your enterprise’s men hour slogging, bringing down average processing time spent per document.

Seamless Integration 

Alex provides a seamless integration suite which can integrate to your enterprise system via REST APIs, SOAP APIs or FTP. 

Endless Configurability 

Alex is easy to configure and scale. Add multiple Organisations, Trade lanes, Documents that need to be checked and choose the fields to be extracted, in just 5 minutes. 

Employee Satisfaction

Alex helps you reduce attrition by getting your employees work on more meaningful and value-added tasks than wasting their skills printing on stationary, keying rows of an Excel, cursing scanned documents


Join the AI Revolution

End Your Documentation Nightmare

Experience the operational, financial and compliance benefits that Alex can provide to your organisation. Request your very own personal web demo and discover first-hand the advantages of our intuitive and easy to use AI powered solution.

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